Central Bank of Brazil

The Central Bank of Brazil is responsible for keeping Brazil's currency stable by implementing the country’s monetary and credit policy. The bank also tracks the liquidity of Brazil’s financial institutions, and supervises the overall financial system.

“The institutional objective was to improve access to stored data, reduce response time in order to answer internal requests, and thus be able to provide the required information. The Informatica solution has brought benefits to the organization and paid off its investment.”

Augusto Ornelas Filho

Integration Chief, IT Department, Central Bank of Brazil
Business Need
  • Rapid economic growth in Brazil put pressure on the Central Bank’s ability to monitor and control the country’s financial system.
  • The Bank needed to modernize, streamline and refine its management processes, and obtain more detailed and timely financial information on banking system clients.
  • The Central Bank needed to improve the productivity of its IT team, streamline the implementation of new business rules and make relevant and reliable information available at the right time.
  • The Bank was struggling to cope with the integration of growing data volumes, arising from increased financial transactions flows in the Brazilian economy.
  • Data transfers occurred through non-standard programs, resulting in unacceptably slow response times.
Solutions & Results
  • Led to a 30% increase in integration productivity.
  • Decreased the time necessary to implement new projects.
  • Halved the time required to document processes.
  • Standardized processes among multiple IT teams.

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Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

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