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"With a lot of help from Informatica, we've made really good progress in standing up foundational capabilities such as data governance, data cataloging, data quality and technical metadata management. We're now shifting our focus to operationalize those capabilities and make direct business impact.”

Bill Stolte
Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Data Governance, New York Life Insurance Company


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Customer experience
Business agility
Risk management

SulAmérica improves customer relationships by personalizing services across their lines of business.

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Maximize cross-sell and upsell

Create a cross-policy customer view to boost cross-selling and upselling, and gain competitive advantage.

Deliver personalized offerings

Enable rapid, tailored communications and personalized policy recommendations with AI-powered data management.

Enable omnichannel experience

Empower customers by making information available across multiple digital channels, improving loyalty and retention.

CNA modernizes its data platform and apps by connecting data in the cloud with Informatica.

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Improve broker management

Create a broker analytics module to boost broker handling by gaining insight into quote generation and strike rate metrics.

Accelerate process times

Reduce manual entry and improve underwriting process times by automating ACORD data form submissions.

Streamline claims management

Boost straight-through processing (STP) rates, cut costs and elevate customer satisfaction by modernizing claims processing.

Enable comprehensive business views

Gain 360-degree views of relationships between customers, policies, and claims for a deeper understanding and improved decision-making.

HSB enables profitable underwriting decisions while reducing costs and risk.

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Boost underwriting data quality

Implement data governance to ensure accuracy across the underwriting data pipeline from submission to bind.

Improve underwriting efficiency

Consolidate data for new business, renewal and endorsement through an underwriting workbench to enhance efficiency.

Enhance underwriting decisions

Leverage third-party data for precise fleet risk assessments and pricing strategies, improving decision-making.

CNP Assurances fights financial cybercrime and detects money laundering activities.

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Enable advanced fraud detection

Implement a fraud monitoring application to better identify high-risk claims closer to the time of claim notification.

Curate 360-degree risk views

Get a comprehensive view of various risks — including underwriting, market, credit and operational risks.

Streamline legal entity data

Mitigate counterparty risk by relating legal and non-legal entities to a trusted source of legal entity data.

Gras Savoye meets tight compliance deadlines with Informatica and Micropole.

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Maintain policy rating compliance

Catalog and compare rating inputs (charged versus filed rates) to ensure compliance across your business.

Facilitate global regulatory adherence

Use data discovery and tagging to find, flag and manage sensitive data, facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Establish sustainability data reporting

Measure climate impact. Maintain and report on ESG data, including greenhouse gas emissions with ESG Data Hub.