Informatica Launches Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Financial Services

Industry-Leading Customers RBC Wealth Management and Freddie Mac Leverage IDMC for Financial Services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 24, 2022 – Informatica (NYSE:INFA), an enterprise cloud data management leader, today announced the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) for Financial Services, an end-to-end integrated data management cloud that enables the entire data lifecycle, including data discovery, ingestion, integration of data and applications, quality improvement, single views and business 360 applications, governance, privacy, and data sharing and democratization.

IDMC for Financial Services leverages Informatica’s cloud native solutions as an integrated platform to help financial services companies access and leverage Fit for Business Use data to support their top business priorities including:

Improve Customer Experience: IDMC for Financial Services allows companies to access and deliver clean, trusted and valid data between the systems that support customer engagement and interaction across any channel, device or business unit. In addition, it enables companies to organize, relate and deliver a 360-degree view of the business for everyone from customer service, sales, and financial advisors to insurance agents to deliver exceptional customer service at their time of need.

Grow the Business: IDMC for Financial Services helps marketing and sales organizations identify new cross-sell opportunities to expand wallet share with existing customers to help drive revenue streams and retain customer relationships. It enables users to obtain clean, valid and holistic data about each customer relationship, the accounts or policies they own, and how they are related to other customers, employees or business entities.

Comply with Industry Regulations: IDMC for Financial Services helps financial services organizations satisfy industry regulations from CCAR, BCBS 239, BSA/AML in banking to NAIC statutes in the United States in insurance by allowing compliance teams to leverage clean, valid, and transparent data used in regulatory report submissions and respond quickly to regulatory requests.

Strengthen Risk Management: IDMC for Financial Services helps banks, financial services, and insurance organizations access data of all types with high quality, validity, and integrity to identify, measure, manage and monitor risk across the enterprise for ongoing credit, market, operational, and liquidity risk management needs.

Increase Business Agility: IDMC for Financial Services helps companies respond to time-sensitive opportunities to grow the business, respond to competitive threats, identify real-time risk exposures, and service customer service requests by accessing, governing, and delivering data at the speed of light to any system, anywhere, and at anytime.

“With Informatica, we know we can trust our data and protect sensitive information whether it's on-premises or in the cloud,” said Aravind Jaganathan, VP, Chief Data Officer, FreddieMac. “That’s critical as we continue our AWS and data modernization journey. IDMC for Financial Services will further help organizations like us realize greater value out of our data.”

“Having the right data at RBC Wealth to grow our business, service our client needs, and manage the business with operational excellence is critical for our employees, customers, and shareholders,” said Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology, RBC Wealth. “Informatica has been a long time partner for many years providing us industry proven solutions to help us get clean, valid, and useful data in the systems we use each and every day for our clients, relationship managers, marketing, and customer service organizations. IDMC for Financial Services can be a big life-saver for us.”

New financial industry-specific accelerators on IDMC include:

  • Support for industry data standards including ACORD, FIX, FpML, NACHA, SWIFT, LEI, DTCC, Bloomberg
  • Industry specific extensions and data Format Support for UNIFI (ISO 20022), ACORD XML, FIXML, and MISMO.
  • Data Quality Rules – Rules that validate and standardize contact, financial data, and more. Data Quality Accelerator for Financial Services is a set of rules that cleanse, standardize, and validate data in banking, insurance, and related sectors. Use the rules out of the box to accelerate the deployment of a data project and enable data-driven decision making, including BCBS/CCAR validation.
  • Advanced metadata scanners for extracting lineage, technical, business, operational, usage metadata from over 50K systems (data warehouses, lakes) and applications (BI, Data Science, CRM, ERP, and more) many of which are relevant to financial services.

“Informatica’s IDMC for Financial Services is designed to help the financial sector embrace the power of cloud and AI to transform how they deliver digital-first customer experiences, innovate and modernize to stay competitive,” said Peter Ku, Chief Financial Strategist, Informatica.


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