Cloud B2B Gateway: Exchange data easily

Simplify EDI integrations with your B2B trading partners using a business-friendly cloud interface.

Experience painless partner integration

Reinforce your business relationships by streamlining and speeding up B2B trading partner messages.

Onboard partners fast
Enable self-service partner onboarding and management.
Strengthen alliances
Empower your partners with easy access to the B2B Partners Portal.
Simplify processing
Expedite the handling of your trading partner messages with EDI.

Modernize your partner communications

Accelerate partner onboarding and simplify the way you manage and exchange data with them.

Partner onboarding wizard
Quickly assign EDI and define the communication method in three simple steps.

AI-powered structure discovery
Parse and visualize complex, non-standard data structures to easily exchange and consume.

End-to-end monitoring
Use intuitive tracking and monitoring, and drill down for full error handling and reporting.

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Transform how you support traditional EDI messaging

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Reinforce Partner Relationships With Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway



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Onboard your partners faster

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