Cloud B2B Gateway

Effectively manage B2B processes with
state-of-the-art management
and monitoring tools.


B2B integration is vital—but can be very challenging. Poor integration tools can mean slow customer onboarding, high operational costs, and unnecessary integration complexity. It’s important that data integration does not slow down your ability to react to customer needs and market dynamics.

Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway provides the next generation of B2B solutions, designed to automate secure data exchange across partner networks through a cloud interface, and to evolve as data standards evolve. Informatica provides B2B integration solutions that help partners communicate effectively, regardless of whether they are using an on-premises, multi-cloud, or hybrid approach.


Format flexibility extends EDI

With Cloud B2B Gateway you can quickly set up business partners by easily defining communication protocols, monitoring and managing electronic data interchange, and flexibly processing EDI and other message standards to your back-end systems through built-in wizard interfaces. Leverage the power of market-leading Informatica integration to design more robust mapping and custom business logic with Cloud B2B Gateway.


Simplify monitoring and management 

Cloud B2B Gateway provides users with extensive tracking and monitoring capabilities that will expose potential problems with exchanged files or other situations affecting SLA thresholds. Leave the infrastructure and security monitoring to Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway so you can focus on the partner relationship.



Informatica Cloud ready 

Cloud B2B Gateway leverages the security and reliability of Informatica’s state-of-the-art iPaaS. This lets you concentrate on operational excellence instead of investing in additional infrastructure. Prebuilt, preconfigured mappings let you apply a modern cloud approach to a traditional standard.




Key Features

Expedite partner onboarding and management using Cloud B2B Gateway wizards and pre-built EDI processing mappings.

Use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) to add distinct business logic for processing EDI and other messages to your specific back-end system or to extract messages from your back-end system.

Easily enable, test, and then move EDI messages with trading partners directly to production.

Provide self-service ability to trading partners for configuring integrations and to simplify interactions for less technically savvy partners.

Track and monitor your EDI exchange with your partners with full and clear visibility into any error situation.

Automatically discover and create new data models based on machine-learning algorithms.

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