Ingestion at Scale

Cloud-based ingestion of
streaming big data


Ingest streaming data at scale

The IICS Ingestion at Scale service enables you to efficiently ingest streaming data and move it to other targets so you can perform real-time analytics. Collect streaming data from various edge data sources such as log files, clickstreams, Kafka, or IoT devices, and move it into a data lake or a messaging hub.

Key Features

Streaming data authoring wizard

Use the authoring wizard to create the data flows for ease of deployment.

Edge data transformation

Simple and powerful edge transformation capabilities including filtering, segmentation, and combiner.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor the ingestion process in real time with a comprehensive visualization dashboard and lifecycle management with alerting.

Enhanced connectivity

Streaming sources include Kafka, MQTT, and logs; streaming targets include Kafka, S3, and Kinesis.

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