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Enterprise cloud data management for self-service analytics

Self-service analytics have become a business-critical necessity requiring IT and business collaboration for success. While business users embrace Tableau, those insights are valuable only if based on accurate, relevant, and trusted data. Informatica provides solutions that enable Tableau users to build a robust data foundation across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. 

Data discovery and governance

As enterprise data volumes explode, it is becoming increasingly difficult—if not impossible—to discover and track relevant trusted information. To create a true governed self-service experience with Tableau, users need visibility into IT-approved data assets across the enterprise. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog helps business and IT collaborate to discover, catalog and govern data across cloud and on-premises data sources and applications.


Data powers cloud analytics 

Empower Tableau users to quickly prep, transform, and aggregate data. To streamline the process, Informatica offers data wizards, pre-built mappings, and out-of-the box templates to help users get up and running fast and produce results in days. Integrate the leading cloud platforms and applications like Salesforce, AWS, Azure, Workday, NetSuite, SAP, Marketo and more. 

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Self-service data hub

Organizations rely increasingly on insights derived from data across the enterprise to drive greater profitability, uncover opportunities, accelerate innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Informatica’s market-leading platform, proven methodology, and strong partner ecosystem combine to deliver more of the big data you need creating business value without more risk. 


Big data analytics and data lakes

Data is no longer conveniently structured in tables as more of our information comes from unstructured sources such as websites, IoT sensors, log files, and even documents.  Next generation warehouses, called data lakes, enable comprehensive management of all your data sources leading to better, more informed decisions. 

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Hybrid data integration for Tableau 

Informatica enables you to automatically integrate and transform data from sources such as flat files, databases, and applications to generate a Tableau data extract (TDE) file which can be published directly to Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Once published, it is available for governed self-service analytics across the enterprise.  


A 360-degree view of trusted data

At big data scale, the stakes are higher, the data is harder to find and manage, yet the potential for insight is greatest. Error-prone manual data prep leads to inaccurate insights. Informatica Master Data Management enables you to master business-critical data by decoupling it from its underlying applications and placing it in a central repository that then feeds consistent trusted data across your systems, driving better decision making.

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