Insurance Group

Founded in France, this multi-disciplinary Insurance group provides auto, home, health, and life insurance to more than 5.4 million members. With more than 10,000 employees, the Insurance group also offers financial services such as bank, credit, and savings accounts. In 2018, revenues of Insurance group were 18 million euros.

“Informatica is assisting us evolve rapidly and use our policy data to improve customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty.”

Product Owner

Insurance group
Business Need
  • Adapt quickly to insurance market disruptions
  • Aggregate members information from 10+ systems
  • Centralize and govern customer data
  • Make customers loyal in a fast-changing insurance market by improving service and establishing more personal relationships
  • Provide trusted, actionable data to all projects and business units to maintain consistency and operational autonomy
  • Support big data strategy for better decision-making and track data lineage to comply with regulatory requirements
Solutions & Results
  • Obtain a holistic view of customer information from all lines of business with Informatica MDM
  • Use Informatica Data Quality to deliver accurate and consistent data across the organization
  • Helps expedite business decision-making while enhancing regulatory compliance
  • Manage big data lineage, metadata, transformations, and integrations using Informatica PowerCenter
  • Improves customer satisfaction by enabling more personalized service and outreach
  • Enables business units and sites to operate independently while using the same trusted policy data
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Products & Services

Data Quality and Observability

Informatica data quality and observability ensures trusted, scalable data.

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