Informatica Data Loader: No budget, no problem

Load billions of rows in minutes. It’s free, fast and frictionless.

Make smarter, faster business decisions

Staying competitive in business means having up-to-the-minute insights based on recent data. To achieve this, simply move nearly any amount of data with our high-velocity data loading to accelerate your overall analytics process.

Ease cost concerns
Experience no overhead—zero setup, zero DevOps and zero code—with no setup needed.
Access insights quickly
Gain out-of-the-box functionality to put the latest data at your customers’ fingertips.
Free up valuable time
Find time to innovate and focus on your higher priorities by automating data loading.
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Get high-speed, high-volume data loading

Easily access and load data into the data warehouse or data lake of your choice with our three-step, wizard-driven experience.

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Simplify your data loading to speed analytics on the Amazon Redshift console.

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Experience fast, free data pipeline ingestion to your Delta Lake on Databricks.

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Speed uploads for faster insights with a native data loader in Google BigQuery.

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Access and load data quickly to accelerate analytics on Microsoft Azure Synapse.

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Load your data with zero cost, zero setup and zero code to Snowflake Data Cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install anything to start using Informatica Data Loader?
No installation is required since your data is processed securely with our hosted compute facility.

How many records can I load with Informatica Data Loader?
There’s practically no limit to the number of rows that can be processed when you use Data Loader.

What data sources connect to Informatica Data Loader?
Data Loader is compatible with out-of-the-box connectors for 30-plus data sources.

What are some use case examples for Informatica Data Loader?
Data Loader helps accelerate marketing analytics, sales ops analytics, customer analytics and more.