Japan for UNHCR

  Japan for UNHCR (J4U) is a registered Japanese nonprofit organization receiving approximately USD $43 million per year in donations, growing at a 20 percent annual rate with 70 employees in its Tokyo office.

“We were able to respond quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic by building the infrastructure capacity to potentially reposition 50 of our face-to-face fundraisers as telemarketers, using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to move the data between cloud applications.”

Carl Sundberg

CIO, Japan for UNHCR
Business Need
  • Make the best use of donations to raise awareness, help the world’s refugees, and ease the plight of displaced people
  • Raise funds to ease the impact of COVID-19 on refugees and displaced communities while maintaining social distancing
  • Empower a small IT team to quickly develop and deploy digital tools and software features that help fundraisers with their mission
  • Automate ETL and job scheduling for cloud migration
  • Provide a visual interface for non-programmers
  • Accommodate double-byte Japanese character sets
Solutions & Results
  • Move from manually intensive data flows to Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for integration platform as a service (iPaaS)
  • Integrate Salesforce with Amazon Connect to move donor and financial data in and out of a cloud contact center while keeping information current in Salesforce
  • Increases developer productivity 3-fold, making new fundraising tools and features available in weeks instead of months.
  • Use Informatica Cloud Data Integration to connect cloud apps and a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse using prebuilt connectors
  • Helps donations go further by improving operating efficiency, reducing manual processes
  • Positioned the technology infrastructure to support redeployment of face-to-face solicitors to telemarketing
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Products & Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is a next generation iPaaS, which is made up of a growing number of data management products. The productivity of the environment is accelerated by a common user experience across all products, the AI/ML-driven intelligence of the CLAIRE™ engine, and a microservices architecture.

Cloud Data Integration

Codeless, optimized integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.

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