Informatica Announces Enhanced Databricks and Unity Catalog-Validated Data Pipeline Integrations for Rapidly Onboarding and Preparing Data from 300+ Sources

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Dec. 5, 2023Informatica (NYSE: INFA), an enterprise cloud data management leader, has continued its momentum to enhance and elevate a growing network of strategic partnerships with the launch of new, enhanced Databricks-validated Unity Catalog integrations. Informatica’s no-code data ingestion and transformation pipelines run natively on Databricks for use with Databricks and Databricks Unity Catalog. The integration gives joint customers a best-in-class solution for onboarding data from 300+ data sources and rapidly preparing data for consumption with an extensive library of out-of-the-box, no-code, proven, repeatable data transformation capabilities.

“We are pleased to see our newly enhanced data pipelines for Databricks and Databricks Unity Catalog achieve Unity Catalog Certification,” said Rik Tamm-Daniels, Group Vice President of Strategic Ecosystems and Technology at Informatica. “We have many customers already using our data pipelines for Databricks today and with the new automated personal staging enhancements and certification, customers have a stellar solution for integrating all of their critical data into Databricks and turning it into ready-to-use AI-powered data for their mission-critical analytics and AI workloads.”

“We are thrilled to see that Informatica has completed and certified Unity Catalog integrations across Informatica’s IDMC Data Management platform services”, said Tarun Batra CEO & Founder of LumenData, a Platinum Informatica Partner and a strategic Databricks partner. “This ensures that our joint customers will have the best user experience on the Databricks Platform providing full data lineage, data governance and compliance intelligence. The result of this tight collaboration will enhance our customers machine learning and artificial intelligence workflows by providing accurate governed data to build, train and manage the underlying ML models.”

Unity Catalog Validated IDMC Capabilities

Informatica now offers IDMC customers the following Databricks Unity Catalog-validated capabilities:

  • Cloud Data Integration (CDI) Ingest – CDI is now validated with Unity Catalog, enabling customers to directly ingest data from more than 300 data source types into Databricks.
  • Automated personal staging location (PSL) Management - CDI now automatically manages Databricks personal staging locations for customers, providing a dedicated storage location for temporary data pipeline data. Customer benefits of automated PSL management include data separation (keeping primary data separate from temporary data), higher performance, expanded data versioning capacity and cost savings.
  • Cloud Data Integration Transformation - Unity Catalog is now fully supported for ingest transformations running natively in Databricks via Databricks SQL. Customers benefit from highly secure data integration and transformation data pipelines running natively in the Databricks cluster.
  • Informatica CDI-Free - Unity Catalog is now fully supported by the no-cost edition of CDI, providing customers with no-cost ingestion from 40 popular data sources and enabling data transformation for up to 20M rows or ten compute hours per month.

Databricks Modernization Program

Informatica’s PowerCenter Modernization to Databricks program provides customers with self-service capabilities to modernize their existing data estate. The program can provide customers with significant cost savings by automatically migrating more than 90% of PowerCenter workloads to the cloud. The program automatically converts legacy data pipelines to cloud-native data pipelines running natively on Databricks via Databricks SQL. The new pipelines benefit from the new personal staging location enhanced Cloud Data Integration service.

“We are excited about the ongoing collaboration and integration with Informatica," said Roger Murff, VP of Technology Partners at Databricks. "The new Informatica integration with Databricks Unity Catalog and Informatica’s PC Modernization to Databricks Program makes it even easier for organizations to adopt the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform as the foundation for their data, analytics and AI investments."

Informatica is one of the top three fastest-growing data and AI products in the Databricks ecosystem with 174% year-over-year growth, according to Databricks’ 2023 State of Date + AI report.


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