Ultra Messaging

Move high-performance real-time data between distributed applications on-premises and in the cloud.

Informatica Ultra Messaging Editions

Experience the fastest messaging on the market with sub-100-nanosecond latency, 24x7 reliability, and extremely high throughput.

Ultra Messaging Streaming Edition

The Streaming Edition allows application developers to eliminate single points of failure with a modern, resilient, peer-to-peer design that removes messaging brokers and daemons.

  • Empowers app dev organizations to create 24x7 trading platforms that enhance profitability and competitive advantage.
  • Enables sub-100-nanosecond latencies on x86 64-bit multicore server architectures with an extremely low-latency SMX protocol.

Ultra Messaging Persistence Edition

The Persistence Edition is based on the same “nothing in the middle” design as other Informatica Ultra Messaging products, but it uses one or more parallel data stores to deliver guaranteed messaging. IT organizations can develop trading applications with guaranteed messaging that ensures zero-latency failover—enhancing competitive advantage, improving resilience and performance, and reducing infrastructure costs.

  • Contains all the functionality of Streaming Edition, plus persistence functionality.
  • Provides guaranteed messaging without the downsides of a central messaging broker.
  • Does not require SAN or HA hardware for failover.
  • Recovers failed processes outside of the message path, delivering uninterrupted service to all parts of the system, regardless of bad behavior by any other process.

Ultra Messaging Queuing Edition

The Queuing Edition combines a JMS API with the performance and high availability of Informatica Ultra Messaging, allowing you to standardize on one high-performance, resilient message queuing and delivery technology across the enterprise.

  • Contains all the functionality of Streaming and Persistence Editions, plus queuing functionality.
  • Works in ultra-load balancing mode to send messages intelligently to the most available receiver.
  • Provides efficient low-latency load balancing without the need for a central message queuing process.
  • Sends messages to specific receivers for processing, improving message queuing and delivery system efficiency and throughput.


Key Features


Supports zero-latency failover via an innovative hot/hot failover design and guarantees 100 percent uptime on commodity hardware solutions.

Robust configuration tools

Supports flexible topic design, publish/subscribe, request/reply, symmetrical data flow, wildcard receivers, and late join. Enables automatic topic resolution, multilayer group addressing, and flexible delivery ordering.

Easy-to-use tuning tools

Supports adjustable rate control to limit and protect against unexpected data flows; also supports intelligent delivery to enable the sending application to determine the course in case of a slow receiver.

Broad connectivity

Provides a powerful gateway for easy and secure connections to different network domains. Supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX—Windows 32- and 64-bit; Linux 64-bit; and UNIX 64-bit (AIX and Solaris).


Works over any network (1GigE, 10GigE, and InfiniBand) at very high throughput via open APIs (C, .NET, Java). Supports a wide variety of protocols, including TCP/IP, reliable unicast and multicast, accelerated UDP multicast (kernel bypass), and shared memory IPC.

Ultra Messaging Options

Options extend the capabilities of Informatica Ultra Messaging product family, so your IT team can expand the scope of next-generation low-latency messaging.

Dynamic Routing Option

Gain guaranteed messaging over your WAN with automatic best-path selection and hot failover for high availability, putting your organization in a better position to capitalize on real-time data and big data workflows.

Desktop Services Option

Extend messaging functionality to desktops throughout the enterprise to boost IT efficiency, ensure security via application and user authentication, and improve ROI with flexible development and deployment.

SNMP Agent Option

Protect application investments and reduce downtime risks by proactively uncovering network and messaging-stack performance issues.

System Monitoring Option

Obtain a complete view of all Ultra Messaging deployments in the enterprise—at both application and messaging levels—to help control risk and reduce costs.