Cloud Data Masking: Safeguard data privacy

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Protect data through anonymization

De-identify sensitive data to anonymize it for safe use in customer support, analytics programs, testing, outsourcing, and more.


Data Masking: Key features

Protect data, and trust on premise and cloud environments, with masking based on user roles, locations, use .

Powerful data protection

Scale out masking across systems for trusted data processing and preserve format to enable utility.

Fine-grained precision

Anonymize fine-grained combinations of specific data types to comply with global privacy regulations.

Transparent and nondisruptive

Non-intrusive masking supports heterogeneous environments with portability—no need to modify apps.

Role & location-based flexibility

Masking enforces privacy policies that can vary depending on context , such as user location.

High performance at scale

A high-speed engine reduces impact on throughput; mask terabytes of data for large-scale projects.

Comprehensive reporting

Audit classified data to attest it is masked to meet security policies and privacy compliance needs.


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“Informatica Data Masking - If Your Company Cares About Its Security, This Is Needed”

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Coverage for your cloud data security needs

Our solutions help you protect live data and data in place, in real-time, by user role , by use case, and more.


Mask personal and sensitive data across cloud environments.

Anonymize data while retaining context and referential integrity for realistic, de-identified, compliant data in analytics, support apps, and more.

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Independence Health Group builds and tests high-quality apps without the risk of unauthorized access.

Mask data for Salesforce.

Eliminate complexities of populating Salesforce sandboxes with the right subset of data.

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SulAmérica provisions data subsets for developer test environments to enable trust.

Make smart management decisions about governing sensitive data

What does it take to protect data at scale? Develop an action plan to tackle today’s privacy challenges with “Data Privacy for Dummies.”

Analyst Reports, eBooks, and More

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Safeguard your most valuable asset

Build and extend your data privacy framework with our market-leading solutions.

Cloud Test Data Management

Automatically provision secure, non-production, datasets for development needs.

Data Privacy Management

Informatica Data Privacy Management provides data privacy intelligence and automation that helps you discover, identify, analyze, and remediate data risk.

CCPA Compliance

Enforce CCPA and CPRA mandates with a scalable data privacy governance framework.

GDPR Compliance

Learn and take practical steps to comply with GDPR across the enterprise.

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