Free 30-Day Trial: Data Ingestion

Efficiently ingest file and streaming data to cloud or on-premises data lakes and messaging hubs to make it available for real-time analysis.

In this trial, you can:

  • Create a real-time mass ingestion flow of streaming and IoT data from sources such as web logs, clickstreams, and Apache Kafka.
  • Create a file mass ingestion flow to transfer any file type, including FTP/SFTP/FTPS, Amazon S3, and HDFS, and scale between cloud and on-premises repositories and data lakes.
  • Stream data onto targets such as Apache Kafka, S3, and Kinesis. 
  • Track and monitor your ingestion flows using real-time, detailed flow monitoring.

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Determines the location of the data center that runs your service instance and stores your metadata (and data for some services). North America is the only data center location available for this trial at this time.

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