Business Model and Innovation

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Maintaining Business Continuity

Our customers rely on us to deliver products and services with minimal interruption. Our teams engage in robust business recovery programs and exercises throughout the year to keep this goal front and center. Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program consists of annual assessments, ongoing mitigation, and monitoring.

Sustainability— From Products to Supply Chain

Our sustainability program is integrated into our business model, from product development to supply chain management. We continuously improve our cloud-native products and services, leveraging the most energy-efficient cloud services and infrastructure. We extend our sustainability expectations to our partners and suppliers with our Partner Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct.

Valuing Supplier Diversity

Inclusion, diversity, equity and belonging are a part of the Informatica culture, and that extends to supplier diversity. We track our annual spending on with small businesses and businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans, LGBTQIA+ people, and individuals with disabilities.

Intellectual Property and Competitive Behavior

We aim to succeed in the marketplace through fair and free competition, and we respect intellectual property rights. We contribute to open-source communities, and we also protect our own intellectual property, managing an active patent-filing program to disclose our innovations while protecting our investments.

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Investing in Our People

Creating an inclusive, equitable and enriching environment

Environmental Sustainability

Addressing energy management and climate change

Customers and Community

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Governance and Leadership

Conducting business with honesty and ethical behavior

Sustainability Impacts and Opportunities

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