Environmental Sustainability

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Data-Driven Energy Management

We are making data-driven decisions to reduce our environmental impacts and increase sustainable options. We have developed metrics for our energy use, carbon, water, and efficiency upgrades at our owned premises, which will serve as a baseline for future reporting.

Helping Customers Lower Emissions

By empowering our customers with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud to improve efficiency, reduce waste and ultimately lower emissions, we are helping to prevent the negative effects of climate change.

Clean Energy and Green Commutes

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our planet and we are focused on managing our carbon footprint. Our headquarters and two of our corporate data centers are powered by CO2-free renewable energy. We also provide electric vehicle charging stations, which help to fuel a green commute for our employees.

Recycling & Waste Management

We have programs for onsite recycling and composting, as well as a global e-waste recycling program. In our offices, employees help minimize waste with access to re-usable dishes in our kitchens, as well as fully compostable containers for café food and drinks.

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Our Commitment to the Environment

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