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Connect your cloud and on-premise apps rapidly with native Informatica Cloud and PowerExchange connectors.

Whether you’re a business analyst seeking real-time insights from your data or a SaaS admin for popular cloud apps like Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, Netsuite, Marketo, or Workday, you'll benefit from connecting hundreds of cloud, on-premises, mobile, and social data sources through Informatica Cloud Connectors.


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Amazon Web Services

Cloud integration for Amazon Redshift, S3, RDS, Dynamo DB, Aurora, and EMR.

Amazon Dynamo DB

Abstract data from DynamoDB in order to gain business insights through Redshift analytics.

Amazon S3

The Informatica Cloud Connector for Amazon S3 is a native connector enabling users to easily design and deploy high-volume data integrations from any cloud and on-premise source to S3 instances.


The BazaarVoice suite of applications is a cloud-based, social commerce engine that helps you capture and respond to customer input to grow your business.


Informatica Connector for Big Machines helps customer integrate Parts, Transactions like Quotes and attachments with on-premise or cloud Applications like Salesforce.

Binary Flat Files

Bloomberg Back Office

Bloomberg Back Office Extended

Bloomberg PerSecurity


Informatica Connector for Box helps customer integrate various Box APIs with on premise or cloud Applications like Salesforce.


The Informatica Cloud Chatter Connector allows you to quickly connect with Chatter in ways you can't even do with Salesforce!


Attain firm control over your company’s Travel & Expense budgets with Concur integration and achieve your budgetary objectives.


Streamline your procurement operations and ensure that your inventory costs remain under control.


Informatica Connector for CVent helps customer integrate event and campaign related information with on-premise or cloud Applications like Salesforce.


DataSift Inc. is the platform that powers the social economy, enabling companies to aggregate, filter and extract insights from the billions of public social conversations on Twitter, leading social networks and millions of other sources in both historical and real-time.


Informatica Connector for Dropbox helps customer integrate various Dropbox APIs with on premise or cloud Applications like Salesforce.




Fast-track your marketing automation initiatives with Eloqua integration and achieve pipeline acceleration.



File I/O


File Processor

Informatica Cloud File Processor Connector to Compress/Uncompress files.


Informatica File List connector helps to merge the data of multiple delimited and fixed width files respectively.


Informatica Cloud Connector to pull data from Finario cloud based software service provider.


Flat Files



Encrypt, compress, and perform numerous advanced operations on your files.


Informatica Cloud File Processor Connector to FTP/SFTP files.

Gallagher Benefits

Informatica Cloud Connector for GBS using Web Services helps integrate the carriers and vendors.

Google APIs

Informatica Connector for Google API helps customer integrate various Google APIs with on premise or cloud Applications like Salesforce. This includes AdSense, Google Analytics.

Great Plains


Hortonworks Hadoop

Analyze large data sets using Hortonworks Hadoop Hive framework.


HP Service Manager


IBM WebSphere MQ


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards World


JDBC or Java Database Connectivity is a Java API that enables Java programs to execute SQL statements.


Analyze the efficiency of your software projects and enable agile releases.


Push data into a JSON target so that it can be consumed by a variety of AJAX powered websites and JavaScript applications.




Do a Search of profiles of Company and People from LinkedIn. The information includes location, skillset, types of companies, employee count of a company, etc.

Lotus Notes


The Informatica Cloud Marketo Connector allows users to quickly read and write data from any cloud or on premise data source to Marketo.

Microsoft Office Excel

Integrate Microsoft Office Excel data using Informatica Cloud.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Integrate Microsoft Office PowerPoint data using Informatica Cloud.

Microsoft Office Word

Integrate Microsoft Office Word data using Informatica Cloud.



MongoDB is an open source documentation database, and the leading NoSQL database.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Informatica Cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics GP data using Informatica Cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Integrate project-related information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to on-premise or cloud applications.

Microsoft MSMQ

Use Informatica Cloud to integrate with Microsoft MSMQ.




Netezza Performance Server


Allows you to create and synchronize customer data in NetSuite based on source data in a database, flat file or Salesforce.com

Netsuite OpenAir

Acquire extensive insights into your budgets, schedules, and costs, for all your project management resources.




Query and update data from any client or server library by using the OData protocol.


Oracle CRM

Integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with cloud and on-premise applications, databases, files and social media sources, and accelerate CRM adoption with powerful cloud integration.

Oracle Database

Oracle E-Business Suite

Integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with the rest of your cloud and on-premise applications for end-to-end customer visibility.

Oracle Peoplesoft

Informatica Connector for Oracle PeopleSoft helps customers integrate project related information from PeopleSoft to an on-premise or the cloud applications.


The Informatica QuickBooks Connector allows you to Read or Write information from/to QuickBooks.

REST Web Services

Riskmeter Online

View geocoded information about any property in the United States and accurately assess property risk.



Integrate on-premise, SaaS apps, & enterprise databases with award-winning Salesforce


Salsa is a single, fully-integrated, online platform that helps any nonprofits & political campaigns of all sizes to fundraise, advocate, communicate and organize anytime, anywhere.



Microsoft SharePoint

Maximize your collaboration by integrating Microsoft SharePoint with cloud applications.


SOAP Web Services

Microsoft SQL Server

Integrate Microsoft SQL Server using Informatica Cloud.


Informatica Cloud Connector for StrikeIron enables end users to call StrikeIron services to validate phone numbers, email addresses, address verification and so on.

SugarCRM *




Informatica Connector for Oracle Taleo helps customers integrate project related information from Taleo to an on premise or the cloud applications.

Talus Labs

Integrate local search into your multichannel marketing strategy.

Telekurs VDF


Thomson Reuters Datascope Select




Read Twitter mentions based on keywords and tweet what matters based on your data.


UNIFI (ISO 20022)


Accelerate sales performance by routing the right leads to your reps at the right time.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

webMethods Broker


Gain deeper organizational insights by integrating Workday with other enterprise systems and executing analytics.


Informatica Connector for Xactly helps customer integrate commissions related data from Xactly with on-premise or cloud Applications.

Xactly Incent


Read XML files as to integrate with any other Informatica Cloud Endpoint.


Access your Zuora objects using Informatica Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Easily import any kind of data into Microsoft Azure from on-premises enterprise or cloud apps.

Microsoft Azure Synapse SQL

Read data from or write data to Microsoft Azure Synapse SQL, which is optimized for large data sets.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Quickly and reliably import any kind of data into Microsoft Azure from on-premises enterprise systems or other cloud applications.


Load, combine, clean and blend data for Tableau from multiple data sources, with a free trial of Informatica Cloud.


The Anaplan Informatica Connector accelerates data integration between popular cloud and on-premise solutions and Anaplan, the enterprise planning cloud.




Microsoft Azure DocumentDB

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Connector allows you to securely read data from and write data to Microsoft Azure DocumentDB.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud


The Informatica Cloud Connector for Snowflake makes it easy to connect Informatica data integration products with the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse. Using the Connector, customers can efficiently read and write data into the Snowflake data warehouse.

Ultimate Software

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud

Amazon Aurora

Companies looking for the advantages of a relational database, without the management and administration, can use Informatica Cloud to migrate data from on-premises databases to Amazon Aurora.

Amazon EMR

Use Informatica Cloud to load data from multiple data sources into Amazon EMR as the first step in forming a data lake.

Amazon RDS

Design and deploy high-volume data integrations from any cloud or on-premises sources to RDS instances with Informatica Cloud.

Amazon Redshift

Quickly design petabyte-scale data integrations from any cloud or on-premise source to Redshift.


The Informatica Magento connector provides Magento eCommerce users with universal back-office connectivity, integrating with Backend systems and ERP systems.


Improve usability in getting data from multiple objects from on-premise and cloud data sources to SuccessFactors.

Google Cloud Platform

Expedite integration of on-premises and SaaS data to Google BigQuery & Cloud Storage.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage Connector provides read and write capability to Google Cloud Storage. The connector can parse .csv file and move other file formats as binary.

Google Cloud BigQuery

Google Cloud Big Query Connector provides read and write capability to Google Big Query from various applications and databases.


Import data directly to your Qlik dashboard and visualizations from cloud and on-premise applications and databases.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics AX to on-premise or cloud applications.

Complex Files

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage connector enables you to read data from or write data to blobs in Microsoft Azure Storage. When you write to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, you can insert data to a target object or create a new target object.

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Storage

Use Microsoft Azure Data Lake Connector to read data from Microsoft Azure Data Lake and integrate data with other applications, databases, and flat files. You can use Microsoft Azure Data Lake objects as sources and targets in Data Synchronization tasks, mappings, and Mapping Configuration task.

Adobe Cloud Platform

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