Customers and Community

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Enabling Digital Inclusion

Our mission is to bring data to life by empowering businesses to realize the transformative power of their most critical assets. Digital inclusion is key to making that happen. We provide a positive and inclusive user experience across all our products and services, and support a diverse set of consumers.

Data Democratization

We enable our customers to better consolidate, distribute, and consume data. Taking a data democratization approach means broadening access for disadvantaged populations in a variety of ways— for example enabling less technical personnel to comfortably work with data, and supporting remote work for people who have conditions or impairments that call for working from home.

Protecting Customer Data and Privacy

Informatica is the most secure and trusted cloud data management provider. We protect personal data and honor individuals’ rights to privacy. We adhere to key standards across industries. We comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations, and adopt security best practices. See our list of certifications.

Informatica Involved

Our community commitment is expressed via our values to Do Good and Act as One Team. Through our volunteer programs, youth education and philanthropic efforts, we make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. Our global teams continually find creative and meaningful ways to help those in need.

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Supporting Our Customers and Community

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