Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica is one of Costa Rica’s leading financial institutions with 140 offices and approximately 4,500 employees.

“Informatica Data Explorer is excellent for discovering the quality of data, because the results are obtained quickly and the only limits to what you can do are in your mind. The technology always offers more.”

Sergio Rodriguez

Director of Databases and Strategic Information, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Business Need
  • Sustain the bank’s position as one of the preeminent financial services institutions in Costa Rica and beyond.
  • Improve the agility and accuracy of business decisions.
  • Improve visibility of customer and financial data to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Increase revenues through enhanced CRM and marketing effectiveness.
  • Rapidly capitalize on the business value of customer data.
  • As business expanded, data on customers, credit and products became increasingly dispersed across 32 legacy databases and applications.
  • Manual data analysis task almost impossible, as some database tables contained 320 million entries.
  • Analyze and cleanse data across these disparate and proprietary databases.
  • Continually monitor, measure, and improve data quality.
Solutions & Results
  • Deployed Informatica to rapidly identity incomplete information and discrepancies in data terminology, values and semantics across the bank infrastructure, ultimately allowing the bank to quickly capitalize on the business value of accurate and reliable customer data.
  • Eliminated up to 33 years of manual data analysis and coding.
  • Improved compliance with governmental regulations.
  • Avoided $1.5 million in IT costs
  • Enhanced CRM and marketing effectiveness.

Products & Services

Informatica Data Explorer

Finds hidden risks, pinpoints structural issues, and stops quality problems from spreading in data.

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