Availity, LLC

Availity has grown to become one of the nation’s largest health care information networks. Today, the Availity Health Information Network extends to more than 350,000 active providers, 2,700 hospitals, 575 vendor partners and all health plans nationwide.

“Thanks to the Informatica HIPAA 5010A Crosswalk Solution and the visionary approach of the Informatica team, Availity is ahead in the journey to HIPAA 5010A compliance.”

Trent Gavazzi

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Availity
Business Need
  • Ensure compliance with new HIPAA 5010A healthcare legislation.
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Reduce risk involved in move to HIPAA 5010A.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Ensure business transactions will be completed—regardless of the originator’s or recipient’s own format or 5010A readiness.
  • Insulate partners, customers and other stakeholders from massive system-wide changes that could ensue from HIPAA 5010A.
  • Enable any data conversion to occur seamlessly and behind the scenes, so customer workflow is not interrupted.
Solutions & Results
  • Provided flexibility to handle HIPAA 4010 and HIPAA 5010A transaction formats simultaneously during transition.
  • Protected against risks/costs of noncompliance and business interruption.
  • Decreased impact to business operations by insulating core administrative systems.
  • Reduced development and compliance costs by leveraging out-of-the-box solution with predefined packaged HIPAA, HL7 and NCPDP transformations.
  • Enabled Availity to engage in a phased migration, on a partner-by-partner basis.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance by handling partner customizations quickly.

Products & Services

Informatica HIPAA 5010A Crosswalk Solution

Exchanges data bidirectionally between HIPAA 4010 and 5010 transaction formats.

Informatica B2B Data Transformation

Extracts and utilizes data from any file, document, or message — regardless of format, complexity, or size.

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Informatica Address Verification

Parses, cleanses, verifies & standardizes global address data and appends country codes for global address validation.

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