Data Governance: Delivering trusted data

Be confident your data is consistent and reliable.

Fuel your business with data intelligence

Deliver measurable value for the entire organization by empowering your teams with trustworthy data.

Drive trusted decisions

Make sure your data is consistent, accurate and reliable with unified cataloging, governance and quality.

Save valuable time

Automate manual tasks with AI/ML, freeing your data stewards to focus on mission-critical processes.

Scale your growth

Extend and scale your platform with modular data services that address your changing business needs.

Govern your AI and analytics

Access trusted insights with integrated governance of data and AI models.

Connect Business and Technical Views with AI
Cohesive experience across governance and catalog

Unite business and technical views

View your data holistically by linking technical metadata with business context.

Support integrated quality

Get reliable insights with integrated and automated data quality capabilities.

Integrated quality
Democratize data

Democratize your data

Share more data by empowering your business with a data-sharing marketplace.

Work smarter, not harder with intelligent data governance

Empowering customers to achieve success

“Having the right tools to enhance data governance really helped our health system understand the impact of COVID-19 and provide clear and concise information to help facilitate decision-making.”

Rachini Ahmadi-Moosavi

Chief Digital Officer, UNC Health

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Empower your teams to succeed faster

Start improving business decision-making with data governance.