Data Governance, Access and Privacy

Deliver data intelligence and reliable insights with modern data and AI governance.

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“We take privacy and security very seriously. Every data analysis, report and solution we develop needs to be validated for GDPR compliance by our legal and security teams. With Informatica, we’ve gained the visibility and control over our data to meet the regulatory requirements.”

Rade Vukadinovic

Head of Data Warehouse, Magenta Telekom

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Access governed data that fuels AI and analytics

Gain visibility into data sources and AI models for trusted insights to support explainable and responsible AI.

govern your data to fuel trusted ai and analytics
Align business and technical users on data strategy

Align business and technical users on data strategy

Automatically link metadata with business context for a holistic view with greater transparency.

Integrate data quality and observability

View profiling statistics and monitor scorecards from a single pane to improve data quality and insights.

Integrate data quality and observability
Share data across the organization with confidence

Share data confidently across organizations

Make data available through a governed marketplace to business users, applying policy-based access for safe use.

CLAIRE AI-powered intelligence and automation to accelerate results

Leverage active metadata to simplify data governance processes, increase efficiency and deliver trusted data faster.

CLAIRE® AI-powered intelligence and automation

Discover flexible consumption-based pricing

Expand as your business needs grow with access to broad data governance
services at your fingertips.

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Enable modern data governance

As a leading part of the AI-powered Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), Data Governance & Privacy works with a range of complementary services.

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Seamless connection through APIs and extensive scanners

APIs and a broad collection of off-the-shelf and
custom scanners provide interoperability with third-party systems.

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Essential Data Governance resources

Modern Data Governance for CDOs

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Cloud Data Governance and Catalog
Cloud Data Governance and Catalog, a service of Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) combines data governance, data catalog and data quality capabilities into a singular tool for automating data intelligence insights.

Analyst Report

How to Create GenAI Success with Governed Data Management

Want to scale your AI ambitions? High-quality data is key. Get this report to learn 5 processes to create it with governed data management.


Deliver Data Intelligence with Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Download this step-by-step workbook for expert-level advice on how use data governance to build and evangelize an agile foundation of data intelligence.


Cloud Data Governance and Catalog

Download the ebook to learn three data governance pillars to empower your data teams’ artificial intelligence programs with quality data.

FAQs about Data Governance

Data governance is a set of principles, standards and practices to help ensure your data is reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. It involves establishing frameworks with policies and procedures that guide the creation, use and maintenance of data safely, securely and responsibly.

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Data governance drives business value creation by enabling: Trusted analytics and AI with improved data quality; efficient, transparent and reliable business reporting and compliance; increased transparency and collaboration between business and IT users; data literacy and a shared understanding of data; healthy data pipelines for analytics and AI, and more.

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When choosing a data governance tool, key factors include AI-enabled automation, scalability, seamless integration with existing systems, ease of use, customizability, robust vendor support and cost considerations.

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Start by identifying critical business drivers and pain points to achieving trusted data. Identify current and desired data transparency and align program goals with your organization’s data strategy. Begin with a small, achievable pilot project that delivers high ROI results data stakeholders care about and showcase the value of your pilot program to build support and scale out.

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