Chicago Stock Exchange

CHX is an integral part of the National Market System offering competition to all U.S. equity markets. The exchange enables clients to transact business in virtually all New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ listed issues.

“Informatica Ultra Messaging is now the gold standard for Chicago Stock Exchange’s matching, order delivery and market data systems.”

— Bob Garrett, Vice President, Application

Development, CHX

Business Need
  • Process orders and market data in sub-millisecond response times, and at lower cost.
  • Satisfy the needs of traditional broker-dealer clients and the individual investors traders represent.
  • Ensure CHX continues as a destination for hedge funds, market makers, professional and active individual traders that require immediate and automated execution.
  • Some market data channels were getting 5,000 messages per second one day, and up to 8,000 messages per second the next.
  • Optimize stability of trading platforms.
  • Ambition was to process any of these inputs at the advertised rates, with no queuing.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs.
Solutions & Results
  • Reduced costs.
  • Underpinned ultra-low latency data delivery and order matching systems.
  • Dramatically reduced CPU utilization during peak trading times.
  • Simplified technology infrastructure.
  • Helped CHX supply a consistently rewarding and effective trading service.
  • Improved disaster recovery: if CHX lost its east coast data center in Hurricane Sandy, company could have seamlessly switched trading to Chicago.
  • Provided guaranteed messaging.

Products & Services

Informatica Messaging

Delivers extremely low-latency messaging over any network, along with very high throughput, with 24x7 reliability.

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