Geiger is one of the largest promotional products distributors in the world, using its branded products to help organizations build their brands, promote their services and motivate employees.

“Geiger’s revenues are projected to double as we implement these eCommerce initiatives. Informatica is a core piece of the technology to deliver this growth.”

Dale Denham

CIO, Geiger
Business Need
  • A hybrid eCommerce model, combining relationship selling via Promotional Consultants and online selling.
  • Increased agility to ensure customers receive an exceptionally rewarding, consistent and personalized experience.
  • Extending its eCommerce strategy into new markets and product areas.
  • Geiger needs to efficiently and effectively market a portfolio of up to 100,000 promotional products—from apparel and trade show products to office materials and housewares—which is expanding all the time.
  • Geiger products were previously managed in the ERP system. Each product has up to 350 attributes and it took 90 minutes to enter each product onto the system.
  • It took 12 months for Geiger to update its pricing, with the new pricing not completed until the end of the year.
  • As a result, it was taking Geiger up to two weeks to launch a new product onto, diminishing revenue opportunities and blunting business growth.
  • Unstructured product data like images and graphics resided in a fragmented environment, making them harder to find and format.
Solutions & Results
  • Geiger has standardized on Informatica Product Information Management (PIM) to create a cohesive, centralized platform for all channel commerce.
  • Informatica is a center piece of Geiger’s strategy to double its revenues and scale the business.
  • It now takes Geiger 30 minutes, as opposed to 90 minutes previously, to enter a new product into the PIM. This means the company is able to launch three times as many products as before in the same time period.
  • Customers can now locate and order promotional products—and find complementary ones—more quickly and easily.

Products & Services

Informatica Product Information Management

Combines product information management with robust capabilities in data integration and governance. As a single repository of all product data for distribution in all sales channels, Informatica PIM provides a cohesive, centralized platform for all channel commerce.

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