PPL Electric Utilities

PPL Electric Utilities, an electric utility serving 1.4 million customers in central and eastern Pennsylvania, has the obligation of Provider of Last Resort (POLR) which entails procuring energy on behalf of customers who do not choose a retail energy supplier. PPL had a legacy system used for paying wholesale energy suppliers which performed accounting controls, interfaced with accounts payable and provided detailed energy procurement and payment data to the suppliers. PPL needed a new platform that would effectively enable the creation and validation of payment details, support the invoicing strategy, and meet all of their service level agreements. PPL’s Information Technology team worked with business users to understand the existing process and developed a new framework using Informatica and MicroStrategy. The highly scalable, reliable, and flexible new application provides cutting-edge capabilities and has a long technical shelf life. The new invoicing solution enables approvers to analyze data and catch any exceptions up front before approving the invoices. It also provides the capability to make adjustments to invoices and cancel old invoices to increase process efficiency.  

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