Cloud Data Integration

High-performance ETL, ELT, ingestion, synchronization, and replication for a multi-cloud and serverless world.


Cloud-native, codeless, and optimized data integration

With our Cloud Data Integration services, you can connect to hundreds of sources—including cloud, on-premises, and SaaS applications—with intelligence and automation. No matter what type, pattern, or format your data is in, we’ll help you process it quickly and accurately.

Cloud Data Integration

Build advanced and complex integrations and run them at scale in a serverless environment or using Spark processing. Our modular and flexible approach to cloud data management improves business agility, allowing you to easily adopt new integration patterns and keep up with market changes.

Run data integration tasks anywhere

Process data integration tasks on your own cloud investment or take advantage of Spark processing or a fully managed data integration platform—with no costly administrative overhead.

Broad range of connectors

Connectors support any data type, any pattern and advanced capabilities like PDO, change data capture, advanced lookups, partitioning, and error handling.

Codeless advanced integration

Build simple to complex data integration loads using a mapping designer with out-of-the-box advanced data integration transformations.

Wizards for data replication orchestration

Prebuilt task wizards allow you to perform a few simple steps and complete advanced integration tasks without being an integration expert.

Mass data ingestion

Streamline high-performance transfer of enterprise data assets in file format, securely and at scale, from on-premises and cloud sources (such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, or HDFS) to cloud-based data stores and warehouses.

Intelligent Structure Discovery

Leverage the CLAIRE® engine to understand the structure of complex files and automatically infer the appropriate processing model.

Cloud Data Integration Elastic

Need to process large volumes of data, but want to avoid managing Spark clusters or acquiring additional big data skills? Informatica Cloud Data Integration Elastic combines a serverless Spark engine with dynamic scaling and automation for streamlined cloud-based processing.

No Spark clusters to manage

The secure agent starts the cluster and automatically pushes the jobs to the cluster for processing.

Automatic tuning and scaling

The secure agent dynamically scales the cluster up or down based on demand and consumption.

Simplified monitoring

Monitor the cluster and the jobs through the administrative dashboard, including activity logs and lifecycle graphs.

Concurrency processing

The advanced Spark serverless compute engine enables processing of large volumes of data with high concurrency.

Advanced Serverless Data Integration

Informatica Advanced Serverless Data Integration service provides a fully managed environment with no cloud administration, no software, and no servers or clusters to manage. It supports full and automated infrastructure management and provisioning, including auto tuning and auto scaling, for your Cloud Data Integration services.

Increase productivity

No admin and management mean you can start greenfield projects in hours, not weeks.

Lower TCO

Reduce operational costs by an order of magnitude with efficient resource utilization, on-demand provisioning, and usage-based pricing.

Support enterprise-grade

Take advantage of single tenant isolation that is not shared across customers and is governed for data privacy, protection, and sovereignty.

Operational efficiency

Realize the full benefits of DevOps and DataOps by reducing the need for expert cloud engineers for rapid and continuous deployment.

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