Valley Health System

Valley Health System’s mission is to serve the communities of Northern New Jersey and southern New York with exceptional, world-class healthcare in a regional healthcare setting. It is committed to keeping communities healthy through comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs; highly skilled home care services; community-based medical practices and wellness programs; and collaborations with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations.

“Before Informatica it took us about four weeks and our entire integration team to be able to code the simplest of API calls. Now, if I was to try to build a very similar interface using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to do that same thing, it would take me less than a day.”

Tom Righele

Application Developer, Valley Health System
Business Need
  • Utilize advancing technology to make better healthcare decisions
  • Increase patient appointments
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Reduce difficulty of creating API calls
  • Ensure data quality was completely accurate
  • Improve infrastructure for patient relationship management
Solutions & Results
  • Use Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services to feed data from multiple systems into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Reduced the time it takes to complete an API call from four weeks to one day
  • Increased patient appoints by 300%
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