Life Sciences

Innovate faster to gain competitive and compliance advantage with clean, safe, and connected data.

Life Science Solutions

Multipurpose Customer 360 Solutions

Complete visibility into all health care provider interactions to drive competitive advantage and support aggregate spend requirements.

Regulatory Compliance for Life Sciences

Reduce cost of regulatory compliance including UDI and IDMP by establishing a multi-purpose set of auditable and trustworthy data.

Clinical Trials and Compound Data Management

Deliver quality medicines more efficiently by managing costs, improving analysis and enabling rapid monitoring of clinical trials.

Data Management for Drug Discovery

Increase efficiency of scientific discovery by integrating fragmented data sources to aid research, collaboration, and analysis.

HIPAA and HL7 Data Transformation

Access, profile, and transform HL7 and HIPAA clinical and administrative messages and data into a usable format ready for exchange.

Customer Success Stories

Pharmaceutical and healthcare company uses Informatica PowerCenter to reduce development costs by 30%, lower time ...

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Biopharmaceutical company reduces IT costs, increases...

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Leading life sciences company uses Informatica PowerCenter...

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