Founded in 1994, Veraction is a complete transportation spend management solution delivering insights that maximize omni-channel, multi-modal savings for global freight audit and payment.

“For us, Informatica has enabled a business transformation, and that is evident in the renewals we are getting from our very happy customers.”

 Ravindra Akella

EVP Technology, Veraction
Business Need
  • Support transportation business growth and provide elasticity for transporting goods during peak delivery windows
  • Enhance shipping experience for customers and carriers through self-service capabilities
  • Onboard shipping customers and goods transporters rapidly
  • Deliver a scalable solution to translate 1.2 million EDI messages per month
  • Meet 24-hour SLA for carrier partners to ingest their messages
  • Accept EDI messages up to 2GB in size, and in a variety of data formats and protocols
Solutions & Results
  • Increases capacity for transportation business growth without adding IT headcount
  • Enhances customer’s ability to track transportation spend with a self-service portal that helps Veraction to retain business
  • Reduces customer and carrier onboarding time from months to days
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Products & Services

B2B Data Exchange

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Advanced Data Transformation

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