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When Vita Coco launched in New York City in 2004, not only did it bring coconut water into the mainstream beverage section of groceries, it re-branded coconut water as a premium lifestyle drink and helped start the trend of natural-functional beverages. Today, Vita Coco is a leader in coconut water and a growing global brand sold in 30 countries.

“Having a flexible integration platform like Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services is necessary for us to stay in business, and it’s fueling a lot of our growth.”

Justin Glatz

Global Head of IT, Vita Coco
Business Need
  • Integrate customer and product data quickly to keep pace with a startup-style business velocity
  • Position company for cloud and future data integration needs
  • Improve data management practices for security and re-use
  • Prepare for growth by unifying systems and data to make better use of data as a strategic asset
  • Drive business growth by analyzing downstream, product sales performance data from distributors and customers to ensure stock and drive sales.
  • Gain a consistent, trusted, and timely view of data that follows coconuts from plant to factory to consumer
Solutions & Results
  • Integrate retail scan data, supply chain and logistics data, and depletion data with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, Informatica’s iPaaS solution
  • Use Informatica Cloud Data Integration to accept depletion, scan, and sales data from partners in a variety of formats
  • Keeps data consistent between Vita Coco’s brands to improve business agility
  • Leverage pre-built Informatica Cloud Connectors for flat files, file processor, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, and REST Web Services
  • Improves the execution of trade promotions and sales operations while optimizing product pricing and supply chain efficiency, as company grows
  • Helps increase sales by working with distributors to adjust regional promotions and processes
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