Cloud API and Application Integration

Reimagine your API, process, and application integration in a multi-cloud world.

Key Features

Single-canvas design tool

Use one tool for API creation, real-time data integration, and process automation.

API Design Platform

Publishing a process auto-generates REST, OData, or SOAP APIs. No need to worry about protocol details.

Expose databases via API

In addition to enabling your database with OData v4 with a single click, you can expose it as a fully-fledged REST API-enabled database. Just download the auto-generated Swagger interface and you’re good to go.

Code-less service connectors on GitHub

Develop REST and SOAP service API-based “service connectors” by importing Swagger or a WSDL definitions, by simply filling out a form, or by leveraging definitions on a GitHub repository. Our customers have already configured over 10,000 custom “service connectors.”

Event-driven architecture

Integrate message- and event-based systems, queues, and topics. Support for Kafka, JMS, AMQP, AWS SNS/SQS, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, and Salesforce Outbound Messaging or Platform Events is available.

Data at any latency

To bridge API, message, and event systems, publish event data to Informatica Cloud Integration Hub to propagate data at a latency and in formats that subscribers prefer.

Mix and match any interaction pattern

Leverage built-in support for stateless and stateful execution and one-way, request-response, or correlated asynchronous responses.

Maintain your development methodology

Leverage existing source control systems for CI/CD and deploy distribution packages in a headless manner for your SDLC processes in the cloud.

Concise monitoring and metrics

Use the Operational Insights Cloud Application Integration Dashboard depicting API, process, and connector execution metrics.

Customer Success Stories

Schneider Electric

Improved collaboration across business units, enables Schneider to increase sales in multi-business opportunities by 10-20%.

Emerald Expositions

It’s Showtime: Emerald Expositions Uses Data to Drive Event Sales


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