Building a Cloud Strategy to Drive Innovation With Dolby

Dolby Laboratories is based in San Francisco with offices around the globe. From movies and TV shows to apps, music, sports and gaming, Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences for billions of people worldwide. They partner with artists, storytellers, developers and businesses to revolutionize entertainment and communications with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, Dolby Cinema and

Interview Transcript
Ashish Mehta: Dolby is a household name. All through these years, technology has transformed a lot. And Dolby has innovated as a leader in the audio and imaging and sound space. We are a cloud-first company now. So we have been implementing a lot of cloud applications, the most innovative aspect of that has been, which is a developer platform where it democratizes the APIs or technology for individual or even developers across the world. We have to make sure we record the usage pricing associated with that what APIs are being used, and then update our ERP with all of those financials. So it's important for us to be very agile and be able to change as the needs of the business be. So we adopted Informatica as a partner for developing internal APIs. So imagine a customer logging into As soon as the login Informatica APIs are invoked, Informatica, as it sits in the center, it gets visibility onto all information that's flowing in, helping us monetize our APIs. Now the revenue operations team can actually try out new pricing models onto in minimal time, so that obviously is a big benefit. Every customer needs are different, right? Informatica, I think they have their ears open to customers’ demands or functionality that we are expecting to be improved. So those are the kinds of things that we are looking for going forward as we scale within Dolby.

“It's important to be very agile and adapt as the needs of the business change. We partnered with Informatica for developing internal APIs. Now the revenue operations team can try out new pricing models on in minimal time.”

Ashish Mehta

Director, Global Enterprise Applications, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.


Dolby needed to enhance their application architecture to elevate customer experience and support evolving business needs for their new developer platform.


Dolby leveraged Informatica Application Integration and Data Integration capabilities to enable a cloud-first, scalable architecture, including Informatica-supported internal APIs for


Dolby can efficiently develop and manage the monetization of APIs, which drives the subscription business with minimal manual effort. Dolby also automated their billing processes, which allows them to receive payments at a predictable pace.

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