Cloud Test Data Management

Minimize the risk of potential test data breaches while avoiding costs.

Maximize Salesforce sandboxes

Maximizing the use of your Salesforce sandboxes requires that you undertake the complex task of subsetting, or copying, a targeted sample of data from production to test sandboxes (Developer and Developer Pro) that Salesforce provisions without data. Without subsetting, sandbox users struggle to keep data storage within limits and are left to wonder whether their test data is complete, current, and reliable. Informatica Cloud Test Data Management (TDM) puts the power of provisioning reliable test data in your hands. With a few clicks, the intuitive wizard offers data filtering and the ability to select related objects, and walks you through the entire process of copying and masking related subsets of data between Salesforce orgs.


Preserve data consistency

Your tests are only as reliable as the data being run against them. Effective testing—and release management—requires test data that preserves the relationships between object records in Salesforce. Previously, that meant populating sandboxes manually, one object at a time, through spreadsheets. With Cloud TDM, you can now simply choose a single object to include and relate all of the associated standard and custom objects in your sandbox. The result is a test environment that mirrors the richness and referential integrity of production, without the large storage requirement.

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Protect customer data

Full sandboxes are clones of production data, with all the sensitive data cloned as well. Cloning personally identifiable and other sensitive information from production to less secure sandboxes can expose your organization to unwanted risk, and the possibility of significant fines for non-compliance with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, EU Data Protection Directive, etc. Cloud TDM eliminates these risks by providing out-of-the-box, configurable masking algorithms to anonymize the most common sensitive data elements in a full sandbox. With its intelligent, pre-built masking techniques, data appears real and preserves patterns found in production. Now you can be assured that your Salesforce sandboxes are secure and compliant with corporate, geographic, and industry-specific data privacy regulations.


Consistency masking

Salesforce is not an isolated application, but instead is integrated with other systems upstream and downstream. Informatica offers a data masking solution both in the cloud and on-premises for a broad range of sources.  All Informatica Data Security products mask data consistently, which means that input data will generate the same masking output, ensuring the consistency of the end-to-end flow of masked environments.

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