Choose Informatica Cloud Test Data Management for your Salesforce Security Model

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Dhana Lakshmi Udumula
Dhana Lakshmi Udumula
Are you struggling to populate test data and mask sensitive data in Salesforce Sandboxes?

Let’s experience Informatica Cloud Test Data Management

Cloud Test Data ManagementAs we all know, the world is now moving to Cloud. It’s simply because cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers a plethora of benefits. You can rely on cloud computing to solve the challenges faced by small businesses, whether you’re firing off emails on the move or using a bunch of apps to help you manage your workload. In short— cloud is fast becoming the new normal. 

Currently, there are about a handful of applications based on the cloud that are viable for business operations. We all know that Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Success Platform of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application make easy to use for small businesses and large-scale enterprises. 

Salesforce platform enables you to manage all interactions with your customers and prospects, so your organization can grow and succeed. All Salesforce products run entirely in the cloud so there are no expensive setup costs, no maintenance and your employees can work from any device with an internet connection – smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Salesforce Security Model

Salesforce security model is built to satisfy numerous unique real-world business cases. Salesforce provides a comprehensive and flexible data security model to secure data at different levels. Salesforce also provides sharing tools to enable secure access to data based on business needs. 

In Salesforce, data is stored in three key constructions: objects, fields, and records. Objects are like tables in databases. Fields are like columns of the table. Records are like rows of data inside the table. Salesforce uses object-level, field-level and record-level security to secure access to object, field and individual records.

Test data challenges associated with Salesforce sandboxes:

How Do Developers Create Salesforce Test Data Sets Today? 

We all know that to roll out new capabilities and new functionalities of best practices in Salesforce, we first create sandboxes for development and then move to production. You need to have right set of test data to get more comprehensive test data valuables to catch any type of issues. The best practices that we follow today are quite different from real-time practices. 

A lot of developers use developer/configuration only sandboxes with either no data or some metadata or use the full sandbox copies where all the information from production environments is copied over through their sandboxes. In both approaches, there are issues associated with Time, Cost and Risk. 

If you use the full copy of production information for your sandbox creation, there might be copying of sensitive information which could mean exposing the data to a potential data breach. If you use manual scripts to generate test data, you may lose productivity and there is a need to mask all the records with personal and confidential data.

How can we overcome these challenges?

With Informatica Cloud Test Data Management (CTDM), you can automatically provision sandboxes with the right test data at the right time, freeing your developers to spend more time innovating. Informatica Cloud Test Data Management gives you realistic and high-quality test data for better development, testing and training experiences. 

Informatica Cloud Data Masking is a SaaS-based solution to ensure data privacy and reduce the risk of data breaches in application development and testing (sandbox) environments. It is designed to perform masking of sandboxes and subset production or full sandbox data to dev/dev pro sandboxes that are empty when provisioned. 

With data sub-setting! you don’t need to worry about storage limits and broken relationships associated with developer/pro sandboxes. Now you can easily push a subset of related data that you need and preserve its referential integrity. You choose the objects and the related objects. Informatica takes care of the relationship reconciliation automatically (by using external ids, unique ids or lookups, depending on the object). We can estimate the total size of the data set before posting to a target sandbox. Customers can use Bulk API with Primary Key Chunking, standard API and automatically disable triggers and validations before loading the data. 

With data masking! you can mask sensitive data in your sandboxes, eliminating the risk of exposure and non-compliance. Informatica offers out of the box masking rules, including techniques for names, addresses, SSN, phone numbers, etc. You can build your own technique, with no coding required. Moreover, we support consistent masking: if you need to mask Salesforce and other up/downstream apps that are in the landscape, you can use Test Data Management to mask consistently between all these applications.

Is our data secure with Informatica Cloud?

Data transfer orchestration is performed by the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent, which runs locally behind your firewall or can be hosted in the cloud. No data passes through or resides on Informatica servers. Informatica Cloud only stores the metadata required to perform tasks in the multi-tenant repository. 

Then, what are you waiting for? Choose Informatica Cloud Test Data Management for your Salesforce test data creation and security requirements.

First Published: Feb 08, 2018