GuideSpark Relies On Email Verification Plus Hygiene To Better Manage The Explosive Growth In Its Growing Email Address Database

Ethical email marketing means avoiding a bad sender reputation. And GuideSpark’s approach to improving the health of its email address database speaks volumes. That allows GuideSpark, a SaaS communications platform, to go about its business of helping employers engage their employees with customized content on complex topics like benefits, compensation, health and financial wellness, and onboarding programs.

“Because the GuideSpark email address database is growing exponentially, it’s even more important that we’re on top of database health. Much like marketing automation, email verification and hygiene is something everyone needs to do.”

Jessica Kao

Senior Marketing Manager, GuideSpark
Business Need
  • Monitor email address database health to improve email verification and deliverability.
  • Achieve a minimum 98% deliverability rate
  • Manage a 3,900% increase in email addresses (10,000 to 400,000) that grew during an 18-month period.
  • Avoid the risk of spam traps and developing a bad sender reputation due the volume of emails that encounter both hard and soft bounces.
  • Organize email addresses by proper code in order to monitor if they are valid, invalid or malicious.
  • Integrate email verification efforts into GuideSpark’s Marketo marketing automation platform via predetermined webhook commands that run in the background before the intended message even reaches the targeted recipient.

Products & Services

Improved email verification due to better database management that has identified email addresses that are no longer relevant.
Automated segmentation of database of viable email addresses based on various codes and activity filters.
Reduction in bounce rates from 20% to 2%
Produced reports instantly to executive management the current state of the database along with a creative approach to labeling the segments which explains what the various database segments actually mean.

Technologies Used

Data as a Service Email Verification Plus Hygiene

Proven email verification and hygiene solution increase deliverability, protects sender reputation and improves email marketing performance.

Success Stories