ICICI Bank has about $79 billion in assets, 950 branch offices, more than 3,600 ATMs, and more than 25 million customers, making it India's second-largest bank.

“With the overall improvement in the ETL process made possible by PowerCenter, we benefited from greater data immediacy for business users and more reliable information which resulted in quicker analysis and timely reporting.”

Gurnam Saini

Assistant General Manager, ICICI Bank
Business Need
  • Harness business information to support CRM initiatives and fuel customer growth beyond current 25 million customers.
  • Rapidly adopt innovative business practices and technologies to support continued business growth.
  • Eliminate costly, manual scripting techniques used to integrate data from eight different source systems into data warehouse.
  • Add new sources quickly and easily.
  • Improve developer productivity, data integrity and data load performance
Solutions & Results
  • Positioned bank for projected data growth rate of 35% annually.
  • Increased developer productivity while minimizing need for costly consultants.
  • Completed implementation in just 10 months.
  • Enabled developers to respond to new data demands as they arise.

Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

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