State Auto Insurance

The State Auto Insurance Group has 2,000 associates and sells its products through about 3,000 independent agencies in 33 states. The industry’s leading analysis firm has consistently given it top ratings since 1954.

“We’re getting business out the door faster and more accurately with the improvements we have implemented using Informatica. Others within the organization have seen the success we've achieved and are asking us how they can apply the Web services we've developed.”

Stephanie Hansen

Senior Programmer Analyst, State Auto
Business Need
  • Ensure accuracy of customer information.
  • Accelerate time-to-market.
  • Give independent agents real-time access to data.
  • Increase agility using service oriented architecture.
  • Improve the accuracy of both the policyholder address and their assigned Public Protection Classification code.
  • Deliver rapid data warehouse time-to-value.
Solutions & Results
  • Enabled agents to provide accurate real-time quotes on demand.
  • Reduced IT costs by allowing Web services reuse.
  • Automated previously manual data lookup tasks
  • Increased business agility and time-to-value.

Products & Services

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Informatica PowerCenter Real Time Option

Integrates and provisions operational data in real time.

Informatica PowerExchange for Technology Standards

Reads data from a Web service source and writes data to a Web service target.

Informatica PowerExchange for DB2 RT and VSAM RT

Accesses mission-critical data and delivers it throughout the enterprise wherever it’s needed, on any schedule.

Success Stories

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