Data Quality Training and Certification

Whether your applications are on premises or in the cloud, Informatica data quality products deliver authoritative and pervasive data quality to all stakeholders, projects, data domains, and all projects and applications.

Data Quality 10: Administrator, Specialist Certification

This exam measures your competency as a full member of a project implementation team, including: your ability to install, configure and administer the Informatica Data Quality(IDQ) Product (Client, Server and Services), setup IDQ Domain Security (Users, Groups, Privileges on IDQ Services), IDQ Connections, and prebuilt Content (Accelerators, Address Data, Identity Populations), Upgrade, Monitoring and Reporting.

Data Quality 10: Developer, Specialist Certification

This exam measures your competency as a member of a project implementation team. This involves an in-depth knowledge of Data Quality processes such as Profiling, Standardization, Matching, and Consolidation. You must select and configure the appropriate Data Quality transformations and build, debug and execute Data Quality mappings including integrating those mappings into Power Center if needed.

Data Governance, Specialist Certification

This exam measures your ability to utilize Informatica products in support of data governance. Measure your skills in ensuring high levels of data quality, integrity, availability, trustworthiness, and data security. Test your knowledge and ability to leverage the Informatica Platform for execution and maintenance of Enterprise Data Governance. 


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