The world's number one independent provider of data integration software has seen email conversion rate improvements of more than 200%, and expects to boost sales productivity by 20%. The company’s sales and marketing transformation is fueled by an MDM deployment that provides one of the most comprehensive customer views that has ever been architected. The customer profile includes organizational relationships, purchased products, project status, partners, customer support escalations, and marketing activity.

Business Need
  • Deliver more relevant and timely cross-sell and up-sell offers, build and nurture a healthy and predictable pipeline, and improve conversion rates.
  • Boost sales productivity by 20%, by enabling Sales to present customers and prospects the most pertinent and current solutions to address their needs.
  • Customer data was located in separate applications and was stored in different formats.
  • Data must be delivered to Informatica teams located around the world in the environment.
  • The company needed to create a detailed and comprehensive view of customers including: a single view of organizational relationships, past purchases, project status, and customer support escalations.
Solutions & Results
  • The company built a platform that ensures sales reps aren’t adding duplicates into, integrates data from incompatible legacy systems, and provides a single source of clean, safe and connected data
  • The company has seen dramatic marketing-lead-to-opportunity conversion rate improvements of more than 200%.
  • An MDM hub delivers into a comprehensive view of customers, prospects and partners.
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Products & Services

Informatica MDM

The true end-to-end MDM solution tackles complex issues head-on with complete and accurate views of complex business-critical master data and relationships.

Informatica PowerCenter

Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.

Informatica Professional Services

Provides a full range of professional services based on Informatica’s proven implementation methodology.

Informatica Cloud MDM

Increases the value of your investment with better lead conversion, cross-selling, adoption, and reporting.

Informatica Data Quality

Transforms the way your business works by instilling trust in data at all times.

Informatica AddressDoctor

Parses, cleanses, verifies & standardizes global address data and appends country codes for global address validation.

Informatica Cloud Data Replication

Provides a simple, intuitive way to replicate cloud application data.

Informatica Address Verification

Parses, cleanses, verifies & standardizes global address data and appends country codes for global address validation.

Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene

Proven email verification and hygiene solution increase deliverability, protects sender reputation and improves email marketing performance.

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