State of Washington

Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, the State of Washington covers almost 72,000 square miles and is home to seven million people. The Department of Enterprise Services (DES), is an organization tasked with the efficient delivery of services to the government and state residents.

“The Informatica Data Information Hub is the ‘glue’ that’s helping us to achieve precisely what we want.”

Doug Buster

Data & Business Intelligence Manager, State of Washington
Business Need
  • Leverage existing investments and expertize in legacy systems
  • Remove need for costly, unreliable point-to point interfaces between applications
  • Moderate impact of resource constraints
  • Improve data consistency and optimize workflows
  • Optimize inefficient business processes
  • Implement a foundation for future ‘software as a service’ projects
  • Diversity of application portfolio
  • Proliferation of manual processes
Solutions & Results
  • Implementation of hub-based services across disparate application landscape
  • Dramatic improvements from process optimization
  • Improved IT resource utilization
  • Expedited time-to-market performance
  • Deploy ‘publish and subscribe’ capability
  • Enhanced data consistency and synchronization
  • Shortened development cycles
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Products & Services

Informatica Data Integration Hub

Impulse los proyectos de transformación digital con una arquitectura de hub de publicación y suscripción moderna para la integración de datos.

Informatica Professional Services

Ofertas orientadas a sus necesidades con soporte experto.

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