China Life Property and Casualty Insurance

China Life Property and Casualty Insurance is a core member under China Life Insurance Company with a registered capital of CNY 8 billion. The company’s business scope includes property loss insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance and guarantee insurance, short-term health insurance, and accident injury insurance.

“We value the advantages of Informatica’s solutions, including stability, visualization of data processing, shared data source, multiprocessing parallel calculation and high availability. Informatica provides special data interface for SAP to facilitate the analysis of SAP financial data and human resources data. China Life Property and Casualty Insurance now analyzes a variety of data in the enterprise data platform.”

Xu Zhangong

Project Leader, China Life Property and Casualty Insurance
Business Need
  • Inability to unify understanding among business departments due to lack of unified KPI among each analysis system.
  • Data query is inaccurate and ambiguous which results in high communication costs.
  • Master data is chaotic for cross-system statistical analysis applications.
  • Lack of data increment rules, the ETL (Exact, Transform, Load) time window faces great pressure, and there is no unified planning for data.
Solutions & Results
  • Provided a unified data indicator which has effectively integrated business and application data in different source systems.
  • Increased accuracy of data query which has reduced data access complexity and communication costs.
  • Generated high-quality data that speeds up the development of analysis marts and provides strong technical support for management decision-making and precise marketing.
  • Achieved bulk data exchange among systems, established a bulk data exchange center and improved overall business satisfaction.
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