Marks & Spencer Money

  Marks & Spencer Money is a retail bank operating in the UK. It was formed as the financial services division of the British retailer Marks & Spencer in 1985, and has been operated by HSBC Bank since it was sold in 2004. The company provides services including current accounts, savings and credit products, as well as insurance.

“We completed our data quality initiative for Basel II well before the industry deadline by enhancing our data management across the organization. Using Informatica to introduce a new approach to managing data quality has given us total faith in the accuracy of our information and reduces business analysis time.”

Neil Hershaw

Information Management Officer, Marks & Spencer Money
Business Need
  • Comply with rigorous credit, risk and data management requirements.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Guarantee the quality of customer account data.
  • Deliver a data quality initiative that ensured data was managed according to a set specification throughout the whole information environment.
  • Impose quality controls at many points throughout the architecture while retaining centralized control and management.
Solutions & Results
  • Reduced analysis cycle by 40%.
  • Increased accuracy of business analysis and financial reporting.
  • Achieved compliance a full year before the deadline.
  • Improved effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives.

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Informatica Data Quality

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