UNC Health Uses Data Governance to Deliver a Coordinated Response to COVID-19

UNC Health is a not-for-profit integrated health care system owned by the state of North Carolina and based in Chapel Hill. Originally established Nov. 1, 1998, by N.C.G.S. 116-37, UNC Health currently comprises UNC Hospitals and its provider network, the clinical programs of the UNC School of Medicine, and 12 affiliate hospitals and hospital systems across the state.

Business Need
  • Enable self-service analytics for executives and business users
  • Embrace a community analytics model
  • Develop a comprehensive data stewardship framework
  • Bring awareness of patient screening results for COVID-19 and the demand for medical resource needs to aid executive decision-making
  • Promote data literacy, data utilization, and data quality throughout the organization
  • Empower employees and partners to promote UNC Health’s mission and vision by effectively managing patient and health care data as an asset
Solutions & Results
  • Build a new data warehouse using SAP HANA called the Carolina Data Warehouse for Health 3.0 to provide data for analytics and executive dashboards
  • Catalog data assets with Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, integrating with Empower to make cataloged data available
  • Empower and EDC provides support for business users to find information and metrics, ask questions about patient and health care data assets, and improve patient care and analytics maturity.
  • Use Informatica Axon Data Governance, rebranded as Empower, to give users a collaborative, shared view of data assets
  • Delivered the first executive dashboard in a weekend, enabling the health system to begin to assess and manage resources for the COVID-19 pandemic. Ten other dashboards were released within two weeks
  • Allows data analysts, developers, and architects to view health care data to easily understand data lineage and expedite impact analysis
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Products & Services

Axon Data Governance

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