Test Data Management

개발 및 테스트 요구를 충족하기 위해 개발계 데이터 세트의 안전하고 자동화된 프로비저닝이 가능합니다.


Key Features

애플리케이션 소유자, 인프라 및 운영, 개발자, 테스트 작업자, QA 및 규정 준수 팀 전반의 광범위한 요구사항을 충족시킵니다.

Sensitive data discovery and classification

Automate the identification of sensitive data locations for consistent masking within and across databases.

Data warehouse with self-service

Testers can store, augment, share, and Reuse test datasets to improve their efficiency in testing.

Data subset

Provision smaller datasets based on test plan requirements. Minimize infrastructure requirements and speed performance.

Data masking

Provides comprehensive set of masking techniques that can consistently mask data across applications.

Pre-built application accelerators

Support for packaged applications to ensure application integrity and speed deployments.

Monitoring and compliance reporting

Engage compliance, risk, and audit teams to ensure ongoing alignment with data governance initiatives.

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