Financial Services Company

Based in Rosemont, Illinois, this financial services holding company has more than 5,000 employees and $31 billion in assets, operating 15 wholly owned bank subsidiaries in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

“We started as a community bank, and we still pride ourselves on greeting customers by name. Informatica Multidomain MDM helps us maintain that personal, customer-first approach as we grow and undergo digital transformation.”

Chief Data Officer

Financial Services Company
  • Establish a single source of truth for each customer and share consistent, trusted data across the enterprise.
  • Build trust by enforcing data quality at the source and keeping customer contact information current.
  • Grow the business and onboard newly acquired companies’ data without disrupting their systems, processes, and customer service.
Solutions & Results
  • Use Informatica Multidomain MDM to master customers, entities, accounts, products, and locations across core banking systems.
  • Cleanse data with Informatica Data Quality and automatically verify and enrich customer contact data with Informatica Data as a Service.
  • Maintains a small-town bank feel and efficient operations by allowing acquired companies to keep their processes and systems.
  • Acquire and reconcile data from new acquisitions and a variety of source systems with Informatica Multidomain MDM.
  • Enables data-driven digital transformation for more targeted services and communications, better credit risk analysis, and an authoritative view of customer data.
  • Builds trust with customers by improving the accuracy and security of their personal data and financial communications.
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Products & Services

Data as a Service

Confidently connect with customers using verified & enriched contact data.

Informatica Data Quality

Deliver clean, trusted data so your projects meet your business objectives.