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Amit Walia: In the past many years, the two foundational things that were driving this transformation were cloud and data. Cloud changed the game. We kind of take it for granted, but believe it or not, still 80% of the workloads are still sitting on prem. It's still pretty early days in cloud and data without that? Heck. What do you know?

We don't know nothing without data. But there's a change happening. And what's happening is that these two foundational pillars are getting added with AI, and that's the new trifecta that's building up. It's cloud, data and AI. And they're all connected to each other. There is no good AI without data and you need to leverage the cloud to help you do things faster, better and at scale.

We at Informatica sit at the cross-section of that. Data and AI with the power of cloud. And we are extremely thrilled and excited to be working with you in helping you drive your AI-powered digital transformation. Now let's step back and give you a little bit of a color as to our transformation. I share that when I talk to customers across the globe.

We are a poster child of transformation. You know it's not just about more data. More data is a given. It's about the fragmentation of our data. It's about time to value of what comes out of data. It's about many users, business users, who wanted to do things with data themselves. They didn't want to wait for IT to provision that data for them.

All of that was happening as we speak. And as I talk to customers across the globe, they wanted data management to become simpler. And today, all cloud products sit on a single cloud-native platform called IDMC. With an &. Every workload through one single platform. All of this innovation and many more; we can’t do it alone.

We've got to do it in conjunction with our partners, and we've been blessed to have a great set of partners across hyperscalers and cloud platforms, GSIs, regional partners, and as we launched today, a whole ISV partner program. We know that we need to work with them to help you drive your initiatives.


Amit Walia: You drove a pretty significant transformation, and as you and I were talking. Let's begin with first when you joined Burton and you shared with me that it was a pretty old architecture, old tech. And you really wanted to modernize, and you went about modernizing that. And of course, we played a big role in that. Tell us a little bit to this audience. What was that modernization journey like and where are you today?

Kyle Wierenga: Sure. Absolutely. First day at Burton they said,” Hey, we want to change our entire business and we need IT to help us make those changes. ‚” So what does that really mean? We were a heavy business to business company, so we did a ton of wholesale and we really wanted to increase our direct to consumer.

And through that, of course, well, it helps if you know your consumer. So that's where the data came in. We want to use our data more effectively, really understand our customers. Our customers love our product. But how can we even make it better, and better for them and all the Olympians that ride Burton? So we want to make them better for everybody. So that starts with the data.


Amit Walia: What is IDMC? In simple words, it's the industry's only AI-powered system of record for metadata. You have no system of record for data. None. Your data is fragmented. It’s getting more fragmented. And as much as you will try, you can never get it in one place. Stop moving it and wasting money. What you need is a system of record for metadata and that's IDMC.

Number two, it's open. We built it very open. It's modular, open API-based. It plugs into your reference architecture. We do not enforce an architecture. We plug into your architecture. We know every company is different. In fact, our APIs open for any of the competing products to come on top of us. They may not have an open API.

Number three, we are the Switzerland of data. We know you have many workloads. We work with everybody. What we call multi-hybrid workloads, ground, cloud, multi-cloud. That's what IDMC serves. And to give you the proof of how IDMC has scaled over the years, the cloud-native platform, when we started in 2016, it was a meager .2 trillion transactions a month.

That was the usage. And today it stands at 54+ trillion transactions a month. At the end of March 2023. That's IDMC. And as we stand here today, we are scaling it to many, many more innovations.

And let's begin with some of the incredible announcements I'd like to make. Number one, for many more workloads on IDMC, while there are many, many more features and capabilities you hear today, we are taking data integration and expanding it to many, many more data engineering workloads.

To all the data engineers, it's a low-code, no-code platform. You wanted to code? INFACore will let you code on top of this platform. And we also took data quality and expanded it to data observability because that's something that our customers are looking for and many more capabilities across every other service. Stay tuned for that. Not only that, we took IDMC and made it verticalized because a lot of you in this room said, “Look, I’m in financial services. I'd like to get a little bit more out-of-the box industry capability.” And we heard you.

You see the many capabilities across different industries that we've announced in the last 12 months. Now, there are certain things each industry wants that is not industry specific, but it's very topical.

And today, as we stand here today, I'm excited to announce also our expansion of IDMC into ESG out-of-the-box capabilities, environmental, social and governance capabilities. So the horizontal platform has many more capabilities. The vertical stuff is there and we expand to ESG. With that, you can take IDMC and run many, many, many more new workloads in cloud in a hybrid format.

And we're excited. And we're not stopping there. We heard you loud and clear. You wanted us to accelerate the pace of this transition. You also wanted to go at your own pace to manage your risk, and you also wanted all of those capabilities in your hands so you can drive self-service migration. We heard you.

And I am excited to announce that as of walking into the second half of the year, we're going to have our Cloud Data Integration sitting on IDMC compatible with PowerCenter. So in an instant, you can manage PowerCenter from the cloud and you can migrate as fast as you can and at your own pace.


Jitesh Ghai: Not surprisingly, the heart, the foundation to all of this is a modern data architecture. A modern data architecture that connects data consumers of all skill sets to all data sources wherever they are. It’s got to be independent and neutral to support multi-cloud and hybrid workloads.

It’s got to be open, modular and flexible to integrate within your existing architectures and estates. It's got to be complete, but it has to be best of breed to meet all of your critical data requirements. Security is, of course, paramount, but it needs to be able to scale elastically to enable your data consumers to start small, but with the confidence that as the criticality of what they do scales, their infrastructure and jobs scale with them. It needs to deliver the very best of experiences across no-code, low-code, data prep experiences as well as full coding.

Today, I'm thrilled to showcase CLAIRE® Copilot. Your AI assistant to deliver unprecedented data management productivity to drive your AI-powered digital transformations. We live in amazing times with innovation in AI with large language models and leveraging large language models, the power of them to understand intent through simple English language and combining it with everything that CLAIRE does. The magic of data management. We have the promise of radically transforming data management experiences with CLAIRE GPT.


Amit Walia: I can tell you the question I'd ask each and every one of you is‚ ”Do you want to be a leader or a laggard in your AI-powered digital transformation?” I'm sure no one wants to be a laggard. As you want to lead, I can tell you we want to help you be a leader.

Let's do this together. We built something special together. We've taken data management to a whole new level together. You have given us the confidence that what we've been working towards works at scale. Creates value at scale. And I can tell you, each and every Informatican comes to the office with that driving them.

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Amit Walia
CEO, Informatica

Jitesh Ghai
CPO, Informatica

Kyle Wierenga
VP, IT & Analytics, Burton

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