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What is the California Consumer Privacy Act?

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) grants consumers rights related to the collection, use and sale of their personal data—and prevents businesses from discriminating against them for exercising those rights. It applies to organizations that do business in California if they meet specific requirements.

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Prepare for the CCPA with Informatica

Under the CCPA, consumers have the right to:

  • Ask about the categories and specific pieces of personal information a business has collected about them
  • Ask about the purposes for which the business uses that information
  • Ask the business to delete personal information it has collected about them
  • Request that their personal data not be sold to third parties 

Informatica data governance and privacy solutions provide a framework designed to help you address these requests quickly, accurately, and efficiently


4 must-haves for CCPA compliance 

Find, process, protect, and manage sensitive customer data to meet CCPA mandates.

Respond to data subject access requests
Visualizations help link systems to data types and users, including third-party sharing, so you can quickly find and report on requested data use.
Right to sales opt-out
Match requests to a specific individual’s trusted profile and its related data where it exists, and determine where the data is being used.
Right to deletion
Remove or minimize personal information from systems with automated remediation that includes validation, de-identification and deletion workflows.
Data privacy protection
Orchestrate automated data security controls to mask and anonymize personal data, prevent unauthorized access, and monitor for suspicious use attempts.


AmerisourceBergen makes data safe for analytics while preparing for CCPA 

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Data privacy governance products for future-proof compliance 

Meet CCPA customer data mandates now and build a framework for future regulations with our intelligent, integrated products.

Data Governance and Privacy

Govern data to optimize value, reduce operational costs, and mitigate compliance risks.

Cloud Data Masking

Protect authorized access and use of personal and sensitive information.

Axon Data Governance

The collaboration hub and data marketplace for agile, scalable data governance.

Enterprise Data Catalog

Find and inventory all data assets throughout your organization.

Customer 360

Discover how to strategically manage, visually explore and securely share customer data to deliver great customer experience.

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