Axon Data Governance

Empower collaboration to fuel business initiatives with trusted, governed data.


Key Features

Axon Data Governance is the collaboration hub and data marketplace for successful, scalable data governance programs.

Collect knowledge

Easily identify stakeholders and facilitate knowledge transfer across communities so teams can learn from each other.

Empower data-driven decision making

Ensure that teams can quickly find, access, and understand the data they need to uncover analytics insights with a carefully curated data marketplace.

Develop trust in data and results

Use governed data to fuel key initiatives (such as improving customer experience) and deliver consistent, trusted results across your organization.

Incorporate data privacy governance

Build governance and data privacy into your processes and projects from the start to support compliance with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Collaborative business glossary

Develop a common data dictionary to provide a consistent source of business context across multiple tools.

Automate data quality

Generate data quality measurements based on business definitions, then measure and monitor over time.

Visualize data lineage

Create end-to-end business flows to visualize and expose impacts, dependencies, duplication, and more. Automatically tie business semantics to technical metadata.

Customize the business user experience

Customize key fields to ensure that data governance communities can execute their program properly

Real-World Advice: How to Empower Your Team with Data

Looking for data governance advice? Our monthly masterclass webinar series features global data governance leaders talking about best practices and lessons learned as they empowered their teams with trusted data to deliver value.

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