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An overview of customer data platforms

What is a customer data platform? 

A Customer Data Platform is a marketing system that unifies customer data from multiple sources to enable customer data analysis and optimize the timing and targeting of messages and offers.

Customer data platforms are traditionally used for:

  • Unifying Customer Profile
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Predictive Analytics
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Customer Data Platform Use Cases

What can you do with a customer data platform (CDP)?

Customer Data Platforms help marketing, sales and customer service/support improve execution with deeper insights and a contextual understanding of every customer.

Build targeted audience segments that result in successful sales and marketing campaigns.
Engage with customers across channels and predict the next best action.
Customer Insights
Use AI to support compliance (GDPR, CCPA), fraud identification, anti-money laundering (AML) initiatives.
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Customer Data Platforms Beyond Marketing

An enterprise customer data platform (CDP) goes beyond marketing use cases

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Benefits of a Customer Data Platform

Improve customer acquisition
• Improved customer acquisition rates and reduce cost to acquire • Improved lead generation and conversion rates • Grow market share
Increase customer retention and loyalty
• Hyper personalized cross-sell and up-sell initiatives • Increased customer lifetime value (CLV) and profitability (share of wallet) • Higher acceptance rates and reduced churn
Optimize engagement and interactions
• Identify next best action/next best offer • Highly personalized interactions and transactions • Improved customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty


Customer Data Platform

Future-proof reference architectures for customer data management

Customer 360

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Enterprise-scale customer data management solutions

Informatica 360 solutions are designed for flexibility: Start with your most pressing business demands and grow as your needs expand.

Customer 360 Insights

An intelligent customer data platform to transform, segment, and analyze customer information.

Customer 360

Discover how to strategically manage, visually explore and securely share customer data to deliver great customer experience.

Product 360 (PIM)

Manage complex product content across distribution channels and at scale.

Reference 360

Manage and unlock the true value of reference data sets by centrally defining, managing, and sharing.


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