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Informatica for Microsoft Azure

Extend the power of Azure by delivering connected, trusted data.

Alyssa Fitzpatrick, GM Worldwide Partner Sales at Microsoft, discusses the power of the Informatica-Microsoft partnership

Transform your data strategy to drive intelligent decision making

Advanced analytics calls for trusted connections between disparate data sets—fast. Whether you are building out a new data infrastructure, migrating mission-critical data workloads to Azure, or looking to transform your data into intelligent action, you need to simplify the complexity of ingesting, transforming, and managing the volumes and variety of your data. Informatica’s enterprise-class data managementcloud data and application integrationdata engineering, and data quality solutions offer secure, robust means to quickly load and manage trusted data into Azure and the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Accelerate data warehouse modernization to Azure

Moving data to the cloud offers little benefit unless you intelligently manage, evolve, and extend your data architecture to support new technology and business requirements. Whether you are offloading your on-premises database or data warehouse to Azure, migrating applications from an existing data center to Azure, integrating disparate data from across your enterprise, or extending your existing enterprise data warehouse to the cloud, Informatica simplifies the transformation, management, and loading of your data, regardless of source or destination.

Accelerate data warehouse modernization to Azure
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Accelerate secure data migration to Azure Synapse Analytics

Whether you are looking to migrate data from your SQL Server or Oracle Database to Azure SQL Database or looking to move large data sets from on-premises data warehouses to Azure Synapse Analytics, the first step is to understand your data landscape. Knowing where your data resides and its lineage is vital to a smooth and successful data migration. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog machine learning-based data discovery engine catalogs all types of data and data relationships across the enterprise with AI-driven metadata management so that no relevant or useful data remains hidden or obscured.

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Power big insights with big data

Harnessing data from IoT sensors, social media, e-commerce, and traditional sources for better customer experiences is a key competitive advantage. However, time-consuming and complex approaches such as hand coding and code generation can leave data inconsistent and stale. Informatica’s market-leading AI-driven data lake solutions: Enterprise Data Preparation, Data Engineering Integration, Enterprise Data Catalog and out-of-box connectivity to Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store, Blob Storage, HDInsights, and Azure Synapse Analytics lets organizations easily find, prepare, and govern data of any size and velocity to efficiently drive business value from cloud-ready Hadoop-based big data environments.

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Jump-start self-service analytics with Microsoft Power BI

Jump-start self-service analytics

Microsoft Power BI helps you analyze your most critical business data to gain valuable insights about your organization, improve operational efficiency, and discover smarter ways to engage with customers. Before you can leverage Power BI, you need to get data you rely on into Power BI dashboards from your business applications and big data sources. Informatica’s pre-configured Sales Management for Salesforce Solution Template and Big Data Analytics Quickstart make it easy to get a complete analytics environment up and running—quickly.

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