Simplify Supplier Information Management

Centrally manage supplier relationships, ensure compliance, and assess performance and risk.


Gaining a single, trusted view of suppliers is a challenge for many organizations. Teams such as procurement, finance, and supplier management often face siloed systems and applications across departments, regions, and business units. Standard, automated workflows and processes for onboarding and collaborating with suppliers can improve efficiency and enhance supplier lifecycle management, performance, and compliance risk.

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Automation and streamlined collaboration

All departments involved in supplier management need an efficient way to collaborate and share information. A central application with role- and task-based workflows and dashboards empowers supply chain, procurement, finance, and supplier management teams to streamline and automate the process of managing supplier lifecycles and performance—from start to finish.

Single view of products & suppliers

Informatica's flexible, scalable, and master data-fueled supplier information management solution provides a next-gen, 360-degree view of supplier data across the enterprise. It enables sourcing, procurement, finance, and supply chain executives to centrally manage supplier lifecycles, monitor supplier risk, and efficiently collaborate with vendors.



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