Bank of Dalian

Bank of Dalian has become the only urban commercial bank which has set up branches in all four municipalities under the jurisdiction of the central government, shaping a national joint-stock commercial bank. The commercial bank now nearly 5,000 employees in four central commercial banks, eight subsidiary commercial banks and more than 130 branches.

“Informatica Data Masking provides pre-packaged data masking rules for many packaged business applications. It allows our integrators to easily customize developments combining with the needs of Bank of Dalian. In the face of a large database, it can mask newly-added data only, instead of all the data, all of which greatly improves work efficiency.”

simple>– Yang Zengwei

Software Engineer, Information Technology Department, Bank of Dalian​</simple>
Business Need
  • Protect data used in development and testing and avoid data exposure.
  • Mask production data used for testing based on expressed regulatory department requirements.
  • Mask sensitive data according to the security policies before new production data is imported into development and testing environments.
  • Ensure that legacy data meets the requirements of new application testing and that core data in the production environment is synchronized.
  • Improve the time and effort it takes for full data masking since existing tools cannot be used for incremental data processing.
  • Avoid data masking with low efficiency, heavy workload and poor accuracy.
Solutions & Results
  • Customized data masking solutions that achieved sensitive data protection.
  • Generated high-quality test data with higher quality and optimized development projects.
  • Improved security and confidentiality levels, and reduced data exposure in non-production environments.
  • Ensured compliance with industry/regulatory data privacy laws and regulations.
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Products & Services

Informatica Data Masking

Dynamically mask sensitive production data from unauthorized access and permanently and irreversibly mask nonproduction data.

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